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Are you an electrical contractor? We have a VERY important question for you...

How much are you currently being paid by the electric company
for the electricity that is being used by all of your customers?


Well, we think that is wrong, and we want to do something about it.

If you didn't pull all the wires and make all the connections,

the electric company wouldn't make a dime!

We want to pay you $2/mWh 
for all of the electricity
that is used by your customers!

We suggest that you sit down and get out a calculator and your customer list. Give special thought to any commercial, manufacturing, industrial, farming or other high-use customers that you may have. 

Multiply your estimate of your customers' monthly electrical usage by $2/mWh. Do some calculations and see what kind of number you end up with. 

100% FREE Opportunity

Here is what's going on...

The electrical industry has been de-regulated in many states. Your local electric company no longer has a monopoly. Consumers now have the ability to choose from a number of electrical providers.  

We want to help YOUR customers save money by switching to a less expensive electric provider and we want to pay YOU to help them save money.

Competition is heating up and we want YOU on our team. When YOUR customers save money on their electricity bills, we will pay YOU $2/mWh for all of their electrical usage.

Spread the word... 

The more people you tell about de-regulation, the more people you help save money, the more money we will pay you. It's that simple. 

We realize that getting paid when your customers use electricity is a brand new idea for you. Most likely, you will have plenty of questions. We are here to answer all of your questions.  

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